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Thistle House Actors Guild

Thistle House Actors Guild portrays the people of the Isle of Mann and all those that land upon its shores during the year of 1560.

Thistle House is an historical re-enactment guild which trains new folk in the ways of a Renaissance actor and promotes the teaching of history to our young at heart. Welcoming all those willing to learn how to portray people of that time period and experience history as an actor in an actual reconstructed encampment at a Renaissance Fair. We train those who wish to be peasants, crafters, merchants, warriors, sailors, people of the Isle / Irish/ highlanders, nobles, Knights, Dames,and Royalty.

Our specific purpose is to teach history by means of re-enactment and visual demonstration. The guild is led by credentialed teachers of Arts, Theatre, Science, and History. There are many reasons why one should consider becoming part of our organization, especially if he or she loves history, its speech, clothing, foods, crafts and weaponry. We teach our members these topics so they can enlighten others.

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