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We’re looking forward to the 2024 Youth Arts Program!

The Youth Arts Program is intended to give area youth an opportunity to spend time with world-class artists across the genres of music, theater, and dance—inspiring them to either get involved with or continue the study of arts in their area of interest.

The program is free and open to youth ages 10 to 18.

Parking is at Gate 1. All adults must be accompanied by a youth. All youth workshop attendees can purchase a $5 one-day pass to the festival for their day of choice. 

Watch this video
to learn more about the Youth Arts Program

Workshops are located at Ponderosa Hall and Oak Grove Stage at the Nevada County Fairgrounds

The workshops are approximately 50 minutes and take place at the Nevada County Fairgrounds on Friday before the festival begins. Participants can take from 1-3 consecutive workshops of their choice.

Parking is at Gate 1. All adults must be accompanied by a child.

Youth program participants receive:

  • Up to 3 workshops of their choice
  • Refreshments
  • $5 One Day Youth Ticket to the Celtic Festival
    (to be purchased on site at the workshop and good for one ticket per attending youth)

The KVMR Celtic Festival Youth Arts Program is sponsored by:


Friday, 4PM

  • Introduction to Fencing
  • Celtic Art
  • The Art of Magic Level 1
  • Singing Workshop
  • Build A Tune with Amie, Athena & Hayley
  • Beginner Harp with Lisa Stine

Friday, 5PM

  • Introduction to Fencing
  • Celtic Art
  • The Art of Magic Level 1
  • Irish Step Dancing- Beginner
  • Advanced Tunes with Cassie and Maggie MacDonald

Friday, 6PM

  • The Art of Magic Level 2
  • Cassie and Maggie in Concert
  • Irish Step Dancing – Intermediate

Sunday Main Stage Youth Arts Performance

Instructors Amie Ferrier, Rose- May Mickelson and Lisa Stine present Sunday Youth Arts Performance. Contact these instructors or if you want to be involved in the performance.



Cassie and Maggie MacDonald

Cassie and Maggie MacDonald encompass everything you could ask for in a musical act, their talent is only surpassed by the joy with which they so generously share it. Exciting and innovative, they have found the perfect balance between musical integrity, and sheer entertainment. While still staying true to their Celtic roots, they have explored and tested the boundaries of traditional music, bringing a breath of fresh air to the genre with their original compositions and arrangements. Sisters, cohorts and collaborators, Cassie and Maggie have been enchanting audiences far and wide with their infectious energy, driving rhythms and lilting melodies.

Nevada County Office of Emergency Services & Library

Office of Emergency Services The Office of Emergency Services (OES) is responsible for coordinating with County departments, local cities, and special districts to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond to, and recover from disasters.  OES is responsible for designing and conducting simulated disaster preparedness and response exercises, and evaluating emergency staff training. OES is also responsible for maintaining the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in a state of readiness.

Introduction to Fencing The Diamond Rose Academie D’Armes

Learn the art of the sword ! The Diamond Rose Academie D’Armes is a historical fencing school teaching the use of the rapier and smallsword of the late 17th century. Diamond Rose hosts regular fencing classes in Nevada City, Auburn, and Marysville. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of historical fencing techniques, emphasizing timing, balance, defense, and coordination of mind and body. They will also learn about the history and culture of fencing and dueling in 17th century Europe , as well as observe live demonstrations of historical techniques between combatants. Waiver required. Limit to 20 participants.

Celtic Art With Christine Nys

Celtic Shields, Bracelets, Pouches, and Medallions Enter our Celtic smithy and leather shop, and imagine yourself a keeper of secrets — held in your pouch, worn as a magic bracelet opening hidden doors, carried as a medallion around your neck protecting you against all harm, or fashioned as a shield of power. Create this as a personal talisman based on ancient Celtic designs, unique to you!

The Art of Magic – Beginner (Level 1) and Intermediate (Level 2) by Merloch Silvermaine

By popular demand, Merloch will present three classes. The 4:00 & 5:00 classes will be for first timers. The 6:00 class will be for previous attendees. This workshop teaches two professional-quality fully scripted card magic routines. By the end of the workshop every participant will be able to confidently perform the routines to mystify and delight friends, family and strangers. They are entertaining, include some comedy elements and yet focus on the experience of magic. No passive observers allowed – only active participants. Classes have a limit of 30 participants.

Singing Workshop with Heather Grove and Rod Baggett

Join Heather and Rod in a rousing workshop singing Sea shanties as well as traditional and contemporary Celtic songs with HARMONY. Lyrics provided. Rod Baggett is a gifted teacher with over 27 years of choral directing experience, and his approach is enthusiastic and inviting. He is choral conductor at Nevada Union High School and organizes monthly The Foundry Sings events, choir camps, World fest choir and workshops. Heather Grove is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and teacher, specializing in keyboard, guitar, vocals, and penny whistle. Heather has a full and vibrant studio of piano and guitar students. Join Heather and Rod along with Robbie Merchant and Tim Yamauchi for this fun workshop.

Build A Tune with Amie Ferrier along with Hayley and Athena

All are invited to attend Amie Ferrier's beginner workshop as we work our way through a Celtic fiddle tune together. Amie began playing the fiddle at age five and currently teaches over 120 students weekly through her school, Whole Music Studio. She has led the Youth Arts Performance at Celtic Fest since 2015 and is the director of Whole Music Camp, an all ages weekend string camp founded in 2018. She plays her great-grandmother’s violin. Hayley Watson and Athena Giuliani were part of the Youth Arts Showcase for many years.  Their love for the music shines through their exuberant performance. Bring your instruments and join in this fun and interactive workshop.

Beginning Harp with Lisa Stine

Learn to play this beautiful and magical beginner-friendly instrument. Lisa and Sage will provide 12 Celtic harps.

McKeever School of Irish Dance

The McKeever School of Irish Dance will showcase an energetic performance with all levels from their program at Celtic Festival 2024! From cute beginners to powerful champions, you will experience a myriad of traditional and modern choreographies. The McKeever School of Irish Dance of Sacramento offers Irish dance lessons from beginner through champion levels, and to both children and adults. Owner and instructor Nicole McKeever toured the world for seven years with professional dance companies such as Riverdance: the show. She has a Master’s Degree in Irish Dance Performance.

Learn Advanced Tune

Intermediate and Advanced players are invited to join Cassie and Maggie MacDonald to learn a performance tune. There will be an opportunity to perform this on stage with Cassie and Maggie during the festival. An exciting and inspiring time for all.


The program is free and open to youth ages 10 to 18.

2024 Youth Arts Program Sign Up
4:00 PM Classes (Choose 1)
Note: Fencing Class and Beginning Harp are full
5:00 PM Classes (Choose 1)
Note: Fencing Class and The Art of Magic Level 1 at 5pm are full
6:00 PM Classes (Choose 1)
Note: Magic Level 2 Class is full
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