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Green Team Philosophy


Let’s end the era of single-use plastic! 

We’re committed to eliminating plastic bottled water from our festival, with vendors agreeing to forego sales of bottled water. While state laws and current health codes prevent refillable cups at beverage booths, we hope this changes in the near future.

Please join us in reducing plastic waste by bringing your own utensils, napkins, plates, coffee mugs, and water bottles to all the events you attend!

Unfortunately, very little plastic actually gets recycled. Furthermore, ‘compostable’ bio-plastics (cups, sporks, etc.) only break down in industrial composting, and therefore are trashed where these facilities are not available locally. Plastic linings of paper cups, trays and cartons make those items impossible to cost-effectively recycle. Our hearty thanks to festival vendors and patrons for collecting their food waste for compost and recycling waste cooking oil.

Special thanks to Waste Management for hauling our trash, recyclables, food and compostable waste.

Thanks to “Drink Tahoe Tap” for providing water filtration systems so we can drink fresh mountain water straight from the source. You will find their water filtration systems located throughout the festival grounds.

Look for the volunteers at our Recycle/Compost/Trash Stations for help. The following will be encouraged to reduce waste production during the festival.

  • Drink Tahoe Tap will have 4-5 Water Filter Stations where you can fill your reusable bottles with clean, filtered water.
  • Avoid polystyrene (Styrofoam). It is not recycled.
  • Plan to use your own reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, plates, utensils & napkins.
  • Skip the straw! Skip the lid unless you need it!
  • Bring your own shopping bags.
  • Recycle & Compost at the Green Team stations.
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