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Saint Andrew’s Guild – the Court of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

Saint Andrew’s Guild portrays the court of Mary, Queen of Scots and the Isles, as it was in the year 1562. The members of Saint Andrews guild have a love of history, a desire to entertain and educate, and a commitment to have fun as they practice their hobby of historical reenactment or “Edutainment”. Performing at Scottish Games, Celtic and Renaissance Faires, as well as school events, they bring an exciting period of Scottish history to life recreating the romantic period of Mary’s life right after her return to Scotland from France and while on her annual summer progress. You are invited to join in a dance, have a private audience with Her Majesty and receive a token of Her affection, cheer on Her Majesty’s Royal Guard as they hone their battle skills, have your best friend placed in the pillory. Mayhaps learn about Ancient Alchemy and assist in making that prized possession – Paper! It is a time filled with pageantry, chivalry, danger and intrigue.

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