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The Last Pint

The Last Pint

Eight of our festival headliners will close the show on Sunday with a first-time-ever collaboration – The Last Pint.

Celtic musical tradition lends itself to blending and pushing the boundaries of music.  The results can be magical and much more than the sum of the parts.

Aryeh Frankfurter, Colleen Raney, Eamon McElholm, John Weed, Johnny B. Connolly, Lisa Lynne, Ryan DavidsonStuart Mason and friends will share the stage and promise a grand finale that will surely melt some faces.

Backstage at festivals, late night at music camps, over a pint in a pub and in airports and living rooms musicians’ paths cross and music gets made in an informal way – sharing a tune.  Particularly in Celtic music, pleasure is taken by digging into the common repertoire and learning what’s new.  Tunes come with stories that put them in perspective and place them in the tradition – new and old.  

From the sharing come friendships, bands, recordings and inspiration.  These players have all spent time together in casual settings pushing the boundaries and finding the common thread.  The Last Pint is sure to cover new ground and show what great players and an enthusiastic crowd can make of an early fall evening.