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The Elders

“The key to the band’s success is in its flawless blending of the Celtic storytelling tradition with contemporary instrumentation and, perhaps more importantly, their ability to write original songs that sound as timeless and authentic as the ancient jigs and reels that have inspired them.”  – Paste Magazine

Back again to headline the KVMR Celtic Festival are fan favorites, The Elders, making Grass Valley one of their final stops on their 2018 farewell tour.

Since forming in 1998, The Elders have set the music scene on its ear, thanks to a skillful blend of American roots rock and amped-up Celtic folk; a cross-pollination of elements that is high-octane and progressive, yet rooted in tradition. Rightfully regarded as one of the top American Celtic-rock bands, the band employs a variety of instruments including guitars, drums, banjo, accordion, mandolin, piano and fiddle, creating music that transcends the stereotypical notion of Celtic music. Powerful four-part harmonies, blazing instrumentals and songwriting that is unaffected by fads, trends and the giant maw of mind-numbing commercialism – it all adds up to the hottest show in Celtic music today.

The Elders have headlined major Celtic Festivals in North America and Europe.  For the past 12 years they have sponsored a tour of Ireland in which fans are invited to join in on an extraordinary 13 day excursion visiting historical and geographical sights during the day and gathering at a local pub or ballroom at night for pints and performances by the band.

Ian Byrne – vocals, percussion, whistle
Steve Phillips – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Diana Ladio – fiddle
Brent Hoad – vocals, keyboards, fiddle, guitar
Norm Dahlor – vocals, bass, guitar, banjo
Kian Byrne – drums, bass, mandolin