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Look for the volunteers in the green shirts at our Recycle/Compost/Trash Stations for help

■ We aim to eliminate all plastic bottled water from our festival.  Our vendors have agreed to forego the sales of bottled water.  Cooler Zone has two water stations where you can fill your reusable bottles with clean, filtered water.

■ Ditto polystyrene (Styrofoam).  It is not recycled.

■ Use your own reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, plates, utensils and napkins

■ Skip the straw!!  Skip the lid unless you need it!!

■ Bring your own shopping bags.

■ Recycle and Compost at the Green Team stations.

Our Hearty Thanks to festival vendors and patrons for collecting their food waste for compost and recycling waste cooking oil. Thanks to Recology for taking the food and compostable waste. Thanks to Waste Management for hauling our recyclables and trash.

Green Team Philosophy:  The era of disposable single use plastic needs to end!!

We wish that our state laws allowed for the use of refillable cups at our beverage booths, but it remains forbidden in the health codes.  We hope that at some future time this will change.
We want you to do all you can to reduce the insanity of plastic waste.  In actuality very little plastic gets recycled.  Furthermore, ‘compostable’ bio plastics (cups, sporks, etc) only break down in industrial composting machines, and therefore are trashed where these aren’t available.  The plastic linings of paper cups, trays and cartons make those items impossible to recycle cost effectively.  We hope that you will make a habit of bringing your own utensils, napkins, plates, coffee mugs and water bottles to all the events you attend!!

ZERO waste!  It’s our only planet.


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