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looneys-fortune300Looney’s Fortune

Based in Southern California, Looney’s Fortune performs traditional Irish music and songs on hammered dulcimer, fiddle, guitar and accordion. The tight yet dynamic instrumentation supports the well blended vocal harmonies.

Looney’s Fortune derives it’s name from a pub, Looney’s Tavern, in Torrance, CA where the group met in the 1980’s. The sessions there were every Wednesday night and would run into the wee hours of the morning. Tons of tunes were learned there, friendships made, bands launched, loads of laughs and great times. We chose our name to honor that memory.

Georgiana Hennessy has been playing fiddle, piano and accordion for many years and she also is a terrific singer. She has played with many groups over the years including Atlantic Crossing and Reel to Reel. Georgiana’s energy, personality and sheer enjoyment of the music shine through her playing and make her a joy to listen to.

Matt Tonge is an extraordinary guitarist. He accompanies using both 6 and 12 string guitars and manages to make them sound like a bass and guitar in one. He has been in many of the same bands with Georgiana and they have made several recordings together.

Patti Amelotte became interested in the hammered dulcimer and in Irish music after attaining a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Chapman University. She has performed throughout Southern California as a soloist, with several duos, and with the bands Blackthorn, Granuaile, Better than One, and Crannóg. In 1990 she won the State Hammered Dulcimer Championship. Patti has performed on many television and movie soundtracks as well as releasing a well received recording with Granuaile. She teaches private and group lessons in Southern California.

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