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Heron Valley

Their inception as a folk band began in 2014, after spending the first few years of their musical careers perfecting their craft as a young ceilidh dance band. In 2018 they formed the line up you now know, when they embarked on their first tour of the USA.

Coming from vastly different areas of Scotland (Oban, Lewis, Cowal, Glasgow and Stirling) you are sure to hear an excellent story or two from Heron Valley, and maybe even some Scots language lessons!

With a mixture of traditional Scots and original songs, Abigail Pryde tells stories from the places we were born. From the rugged Atlantic islands of the Outer Hebrides, to the mystical hills of Argyll.

These musicians are passionate about their heritage and showcase the culture, language, sounds and stories of their homeland in their music. Let Heron Valley transport you to the heartlands of Scotland, through their dynamic performance of the ancient sounds of their home.

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