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The members of The Harvest Home Revelers guild thoroughly research medieval and Renaissance observances of ancient agrarian cycles of harvest and planting, then invest a great deal of energy and fun in re-enacting the “revels”, honoring life, death and re-birth in the year of a farming community.

The entire troupe parades daily through the Celtic Village singing and playing instruments, stopping to engage the audience in dramatic re-enactment and ribaldry.

Look for a warm welcome at the guild’s “Golden Queen Inn.” where our own “Mistress of the Jig & Reels”, Eileen, will be inviting guests to join her in a step or two accompanied by the Inn’s own band. You might join in the singing of a rowdy ballad with the locals in the great room or catch the Inn’s beautifully garbed, “Garland Dancers”, weaving the intricate shapes of the Morris Dance Tradition.