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Cassidy Joy & Friends

Cassidy Joy is a multi-genre vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter, with roots spanning from Celtic & Folk music to Classic Rock, Country, Pop and beyond.  Joy has made a name for herself as a successful solo artist,  band leader & concert producer, and has contributed vocals throughout the years to Cousin Cricket, The Rayos, Objects In The Mirror, Achilles Wheel, The Velvet Foxes, and a successful eight-year run as a duo with local singer Karen Woerner. While her solo material consists of some original songs, Joy identifies most as an Interpretive singer, finding inspiration in music from decades & centuries before, and in breathing new life into old melodies.
After first making her debut at the Celtic Festival in 2018, the five years in between have brought Joy on a personal journey of discovering her deeper musical connection to her Scottish & Irish roots. Her performances are raw, vulnerable, strong, and full of stories. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Scottish singers Anne Briggs, Julie Fowlis, Ellen MacDonald, and Pentangle’s Jacqui McShee, Joy showcases ancient, traditional songs stripped down to their purest form with a voice and a guitar. Her music is steeped in the sacredness of her Celtic ancestors.
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